Digital Downloads site features high-quality images of Australian and New Zealand scenes, specially prepared as digital files for use in all media productions, including websites and commercial printing.

Files can also be used to buy as many prints as you wish from your nearest photo store or kiosk.

Subjects include landscapes, seascapes, panoramas, nautical themes, waterways, rivers, lakes, mountains, etc - images that reflect the unique qualities of the Australian and New Zealand environment.

The site is operated by Roger Neal Photography. Roger is an enthusiast landscape, travel, environment, general photographer and videographer based at Warrnambool in south-west Victoria, Australia. 

Photography and the reproduction of images for publication in all types of media have been his passion and career for many years. 

Roger records, produces and edits videography for personal and charity projects and is also passionate about travel photography and travel writing.

His photo services include photography of special family occasions or community events and  photo restoration work.